As a small business, you face unique challenges when it comes to growth and scalability. Understanding this, we at Arch have crafted a recruiting and staffing program tailored specifically to meet the needs of small business like yours.

Our efficient talent acquisition model is designed to deliver cost savings directly to our customers. Upon registering your membership, you will gain access to a detailed outline of our five unique approaches, each one calibrated to meet a specific set of needs.

As a valued member of the Arch Advantage Program, here are some of the exclusive benefits you are entitled to:

  • A daily rate of only $68 for dedicated recruitment services.
  • No term contract – use Arch when you need us and pause the program when you don’t.
  • A low markup of 25% on all contractor assignments.
  • Competitive flat fee pricing for direct hires.
  • A remarkable 60% savings on labor costs for remote hires
  • An impressive 1-year guarantee on all direct hire placements.
  • Comprehensive international recruitment services for skilled labor positions.

We understand the value of exclusivity and quality, which is why we limit our membership to only 50 businesses per year. If your organization doesn’t require recruitment support immediately, rest assured that your personal card is transferable, making it a wonderful gift for a fellow business in need.

To activate your membership, simply scan the QR code located on the membership card. The linked website will guide you through the programs offered, enriched by success stores from small businesses that have already experienced the Arch difference.

Our commitment to exceptional service and support is unwavering. If you have any inquiries regarding your new membership or any other matters, our dedicated team is on standby to assist you. Contact us at 289-816-ARCH (2724) or via email at [email protected].

We are excited to serve you and are eager for you to experience the full benefits of your Arch Advantage Program membership.

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) face unique challenges in talent acquisition.  To address there, our tailored Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services offer innovative, on-demand solution.  This service allows SMEs to activate and deactivate recruitment support as needed, with no long-term contract commitments.

At a competitive daily rate of $68.00, our RPO service encompasses comprehensive recruitment solutions including job posting, recruiter salaries, candidate assessments, a service guarantee, and dedicated recruitment support.  This flexible model is cost effective and ensures businesses only pay for the services they use when they use them.

Our RPO service is an ideal solution for SMEs with ongoing hiring needs, short-term recruitment projects, building a talent pipeline for future needs, or for those looking to compliment their existing recruitment team.  By outsourcing recruitment processes, businesses can streamline their hiring, access a wider talent pool, and focus on their core operations, all while maintaining control over recruitment costs and processes.  Whether it’s scaling up for a project or filling an urgent vacancy, our RPO service adapts to your unique business needs, providing tailored support exactly when you need it.

Remote Talent – Business Process Outsourcing

Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are constantly seeking efficient ways to optimize their operations.  Our Business Process Outsourcing Services is designed to meet this need, offering a diverse range of positions including IT professionals, administrative staff, customer service representatives, accounts, and assistants.

This service is ideal for companies aiming to significantly reduce labor costs while maintaining high standards of professionalism and efficiency.  By leveraging our remote staff, SMEs can access a pool of high experienced remote talent with excellent language proficiency across several sectors.  One of the standout benefits is the potential for labor cost savings of up to 60%, making it a highly cost-effective solution for businesses looking to optimize their human resources investments.

Our remote staffing service not only offers financial advantages but also ensures that businesses have the flexibility to scale their workforce according to their changing needs, without the overheads associated with traditional in-house staffing.  This approach allows SMEs to remain agile and competitive, harnessing the skills of top-tier professionals from around the globe.

Temporary Staffing Services

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) often encounter varying business demands, necessitating a workforce that is both flexible and efficient.  Our Temporary Staffing Services are specifically designed to support SMEs through these ebbs and flows.  By utilizing our services, businesses can seamlessly adjust their staffing levels to match their current operational requirements, ensuring optimal productivity without the long-term commitment of hiring permanent staff.

Moreover, our temporary staffing solutions offer a unique advantage for SMEs wishing to evaluate potential permanent hires.  By payroll-ing staff through Arch, business can assess if a candidate is the right fit before making a long-term commitment.  This approach significantly reduces the risks associated with direct hiring. 

A key feature of our service that sets us apart is the provision of next-day pay for temporary employees and contractors.  This benefit is highly attractive in today’s competitive job market and plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining top contract talent. Quick compensation not only boosts morale but also fosters loyalty amount temporary staff, ensuring that SMEs have access to dedicated and motivated workers ready contribute effectively to their business needs.

Direct Hire Services

For SMEs with specific, one-off hiring needs, our Direct Hire Services present a streamlined and reliable solution.  As part of the Arch Advantage Program, we offer an exceptional benefit – a one-year guarantee on all direct hire placements.  Tis assurance reflects our confidence in the quality of our recruitment process and the talent we deliver.

Understanding the budget constraints often faced by SMEs, our service is structured around a flat fee pricing schedule.  This approach eliminates the uncertainty and burden of high placement fees typically calculated as a percentage of the candidate’s salary.  Our transparent and predictable pricing ensures that SMEs can budget effectively for their recruitment needs without any unexpected costs.

Opting for our Direct Hire Services means partnering with a team that understands the nuances of your specific industry and hiring requirements.  We take the time to comprehend your unique business needs and company culture, ensuring that the candidates we place are not just qualified, but also a perfect fit for your organization.  Let us help you find the right talent to drive your business forward, with the peace of mind that comes from our commitment to quality and guaranteed satisfaction.

Global Talent Acquisition Services

In an era marked by a tight labor market and the increasing scarcity of skilled labor, Arch steps in with a solution that transcends borders – our Global Talent Acquisition Services.  Specializing in skilled trades positions, we provide comprehensive international recruitment services that cater to the compete spectrum of talent acquisition needs.

Our service encompasses the entire recruitment process, starting from meticulous recruiting and thorough assessment, to managing complex immigration services and ensuring smooth candidate integration into your business environment. We recognize that successful international recruitment is not just about finding the right skills but also about cultural fit and adaptability.

To ensure we meet these nuanced requirements, we have dedicated in-country recruiters.  Are professionals possessing an in-depth understanding of the local dynamics in the countries we source from, enabling them to identify candidates who are not only skilled but also align with the cultural and operational ethos of our clients.

With our Global Talent Acquisition Services, you gain access to a world of expertise, ensuring that your staffing needs are met with precision and efficiency.

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