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Ease of Use

Gives candidates a transparent view of the recruitment process and saves them time in the application process.

Show up Rates

Provides regular updates on assignment fulfillment for our customers. Majority of assignments filled in less than 8 hours and show up rates improve from 70-90%,

Next Day Pay

Candidates get the financial flexibility and convenience of being paid at a higher frequency. This flexibility increases turnover and retention.


Available 24/7 Service for our candidates and customers.

Imagine running a retail chain, and Instead of relying on a manager to increase on-floor staff needs when the stores are busy, the ArchWorks App automatically sends out push notifications to employees based on sales by hour increases.

A business owner can now increase both customer and employee satisfaction while growing sales and minimizing costs without running the risk of compromising sales potential.

The same automation and ease of access are integrated into the On-Demand Pay function. On-Demand Pay is an automated payroll system that saves time and can pay employees daily vs. the standard payroll time constraints (Biweekly or monthly). 

Staff members can be targeted using success metrics like:

  • employee rating,
  • distance, and
  • immediate availability.

All done from the convenience of your mobile device.

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